Monday, January 17, 2011

An Incident Poem

I remember the sun,
shining bright in my eyes,
the heat sticking close
to my skin
the feeling of freedom
so great inside me
I truly felt like a good kid.

I rode on a bike,
so proud and free,
for it was the first time
I remember
Everything was new
everything a first
I wished I could be there forever.

I heard a call to start coming home
and turned around with my friend
Though I wished not, I really wished not,
the fun was ready to end.

Now my friend rode her bike
slow and uncertain,
while I rode proudly and free
Feeling quite lucky and smart, I did,
I decided to ride around she.

I turned onto the grass
and fell right on over, bringing
my bike right down too
There was a crash and a crack,
I lay on the grass,
stunned and unable to move.

My arm was broken,
and my chance of bike rides,
all because of my young thoughts and pride.

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