Thursday, December 9, 2010

Author's Note Draft 1

Lakes, ponds, rivers and other bodies of water across the country are currently being polluted. Pollution in water is very dangerous its inhabitants, and also for other animals and humans around it. Some of this pollution comes from lawn fertilizer and pesticides in rain, or gasoline, oil, and litter ending up in the water.  "Americans tend to think water pollution problems are pretty well under control, but we still face enormous challenges," says Peter B. McIntyre, a zoologist. Many states are taking action to get the water fixed, but still there are some who are not. Water in many areas is growing worse. In Lake Erie, there are visible clouds of pollution in the water.

Water being polluted is not the only environmental problem we are facing right now. Curently 60,000 square miles of forest is beign destroyed a year. 6,000 trees a day are chopped down just to make paper for schools. Though the amount of people and states taking action has increased, there are still some people who do not care very much. Those are the people we need to get the message to. It only takes one person to make the right decision.

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