Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Awareness- Reflection

When I started this first part of our Social Awareness unit five days ago,  I was unsure about how i would do this research, and what kind of problems I would find. Since then, I have increased my knowledge on current social problems by a lot just by watching and reading the news.
  One current issue is the contreversy about the mosque being build near ground zero. There have been several debates and protests about the construction of it. Many people who lost loved ones in 9/11 feel like the construction of this mosque is dishonoring the memories of them.
  Another problem is poverty. There is poverty all over the world. In New York City alone, 1 in 20 people are or have been homeless. As we learned from the song "World On Fire," people all over the world are hungry, poor, and in need of our help.
  Today during Project Real we took a survey about bullying. I thought that some of the questions the survey asked were strange, because I never heard of anyone from our school being in some of the situations. I checked disagree is basically every box. As I began writing this reflection, I realized that in other school all over the country, there are kids in those bullying situations. Some feel insecure, like they cannot tell anyone. Bullying affects how they perform in school, and other things. Recently, several people have commited suicide because of the amount of pressure they were under.
  Many people are aware of the social problems going on right now, but not enough are taking action. This is the time to change, to make a difference.

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